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Here in Franklin County Massachusetts

For many years, possibly as many as 10 years ago, we saw the change in the things that the parents were asking for help in Adopt-A- Family of Franklin County. The parents began not listing anything for their personal needs or desires on their wish list. It instead turned into a place where the things they asked for were only real necessities.

Sheets and towels, kitchen utensils, plates and silverware were their personal requests. But the saddest of all that they asked for were toilet paper, paper towel, laundry detergent and cleaning supplies. So, when it came time to find sponsors for these families, we made sure to let them know that they should give these parents gifts that would be of a personal nature as well as the necessity things they asked for.

The year 2016 seemed to be the worst year. After much thought and anxiety Help to Home was born, we guess out of sadness for the way in which families are living but also because their problem can be helped with a little effort from those who are not in need. 

With the help of the Social Service agencies in Franklin County who make us aware of those who have been homeless, and have recently been placed in housing, we make every effort to bring these families what they need to make these new places to live, homes.